Eco & Green

Megasystem respects the environment in all its sectors and is able to offer the following services:

  • HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: design, construction and maintenance of the green areas inside and outside the buildings, in a context of increasing revaluation of the green areas by the companies. Megasystem guarantees safety, aesthetics and hygiene, as well as excellent efficiency in monetary terms.
  • CLEANING OF VARIOUS TYPE: Megasystem guarantees a high standard of its cleaning services, which personalize in relation to the needs of the client, public or private. Cleaning:
    • Hospital
    • Corporate
    • Industrial
    • Public bodies
    • Industrial Plants
    Cleaning, disinfection and disinfestation services in urban environments in order to safeguard the hygiene of the environment and the health of the air so as to protect human health. The techniques and procedures to be adopted are defined with the Client to maximize the effectiveness of the interventions.