Plants of maintenance and installation

Megasystem it will be the only interlocutor for the management of your company's plants: design, installation and operation will be fully carried out by our team of experts.
Furthermore, both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is constantly guaranteed, especially preventive maintenance, in order to always have a clear picture of the activity of each system and its operation.

Civil Maintenance

We provide you with "tailor-made" solutions, quick and safe interventions made by competent and certified personnel. We manage the entire process, from design and construction through to maintenance, leaving you to concentrate on your business. We guarantee over time not only the efficiency of your spaces but also compliance with current regulations. The quality of the result confirms the maximum attention provided.

  • Building works and floorings
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of civil and industrial buildings
  • Light carpentry blast door, window frames, glazing)
  • Walls reconstruction

Mechanical plants (Thermal)

In work environments, the climate, intended as air quality and optimal temperature, it is a conclusive factor of comfort and it meaningfully engraves on the productivity of your company. Our maintenance programs are designed to keep the plants running, preventing interruptions, extending their life, reducing operating costs and identifying new sources of energy for true eco-savings.

  • Photovoltaic plants, steam and gas systems
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Thermal power stations, heating and district heating systems
  • Presentation and assistance for testing V.V.F and ISPESL practices
  • Third responsible for thermal and cooling systems

Water systems

Our team of technicians, operational H24, is constantly trained and prepared to guarantee the correct operation of the hydraulic networks, restoring and improving the reliability of the water systems and proceeding with the repair, restoration or replacement of components if damaged or worn.

  • Cleaning of pipes, repairs of water's losses and gas leaks
  • Septic tank and purges
  • Bathrooms (installation and maintenance of plumbing equipment, taps and fittings)
  • Pomps, radiators and valves: installation and substitution
  • Cisterns of warm / cold water

Electrical installations

Our goal is to guarantee the functionality and efficiency of electrical systems over time, increasing availability levels and constantly monitoring them to contain consumption. We make sure your systems operate at their best standards in order to your business runs uninterrupted.

  • Lighting equipment, motive power and Ambient Assisted Living
  • Quadri MT, Power Center and MCC
  • Design and certification of electrical systems
  • Power generators static groups of continuity
  • Plants of production, transformation, electric distribution

Special systems

The security of spaces, people and data is a fundamental point for business continuity. It is our care to propose and identify all the technological tools to control access to the environment and ensure its safety.

We offer fully functional systems in order to facilitate the opening and closing of offices or shops and the protection of the goods and the whole activity.

To administer the regulation and the maintenance of it for their correct operation is our assignment.

  • Tvcc (Closed Circuit Television)
  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Physical security solutions
  • Sliding doors, turnstiles, automated shutters, gates